How to set up your Twitter profile for success in 2023

How to set up your Twitter profile for success in 2023

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Ready to make serious money in 2023?

Well then, you are going to have to optimize your twitter profile to attract the high paying clients you are looking for!

Let’s get started

Twitter profile photo

Your twitter profile photo is the first thing people see. If this does not catch their attention in 2 seconds, They will not follow you!

Use an image that:

1.) Represents your brand

You want an image that shows what you do. For example, if you sell fitness programmes, use an image that shows off your muscles. This will make people who are interested in buying fitness programs want to follow you.

2.) Is high quality

You don’t want to use an image that is less than 400 pixels because that will be blurry. 

3.) Minimal

You want to use a minimal designed profile picture because these images are easy to see on a phone screen so they stand out and get more attention. (they also look alot better aesthetically)

4.) Copyright free

Only use pictures you have taken with your own phone/camera or use pictures that you have bought from a website or Graphic Designer. Downloading images from Google can get you sued for thousands of dollars. Ignore this at your own risk! 

Here is an example of the perfect Twitter profile picture

Twitter profile header

Having an ugly Twitter header makes people think you are cheap and your business is not successful.

Make your twitter header attractive so people will be interested in your account. This will make them scroll down and read your tweets.

Your twitter header should:

  • Show off social proof or your brand (logo)
  • Match aesthetically with your profile photo
  • Be interesting (not boring)

Twitter Bio

Your twitter bio has the power to convince people to follow you so make sure you do this right!

When people read your Twitter bio, they should learn three things:

1. Who you are

2. What you are “about”

3. What you are going to teach them

Here’s an example:

I used to be an obese 300lb broke teenager playing video games, now I make 6-figures helping others overcome obesity and live their best life.

Lets see if he’s bio answers the 3 questions:

1. Who you are

He is a teenager who overcame obesity and financial issues.

2. What you are “about”

He is about helping people lose weight and overcome health issues like obesity.

3. What you are going to teach them

He is going to teach you how to lose fat and become attractive so you can live your “best life”.

Do not confuse people with your long stories. Keep it straight to the point and easy to understand.

Use this checklist to make sure your bio is good:

Focus on THREE of these checklist items:

✓ It’s Accurate

✓ It’s Exciting

✓ It’s Targeted

✓ It’s Intriguing

✓ It’s Connected

Covid has caused inflation to spike in the last 2 years and in 2023 the prices of things like food and rent are going to get even more expensive.

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