Do you really need Twitter followers? Here’s the truth…

Do you really need Twitter followers Here's the truth…

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Some people make thousands of dollars with under 10,000 followers.

So that makes you ask yourself…“Do I really need Twitter followers?”

I spoke to my web designer recently. He is highly successful in selling websites for $5,000 each even though he has 2k followers on Twitter. We talked about his journey from being broke to making over $10k every month and he told me something interesting. Even though he makes a lot of money with 2k followers, he wants to work hard on getting more followers now.

This surprised me, I thought to myself, if he’s making so much money, why does he want more followers?…

Here are 4 key points from our conversation:

1.) Not having followers makes your business look “cheap”

When you post a tweet and you get 2 replies and 10 likes, It makes it seem like you are a loser. It gives off the impression that you are boring and nobody cares about you. Who wants to work with an account that gets no engagement? No one!

2.) Not having followers kills your business growth

You want your business to grow so you can start making more money, right? When you don’t have over 10k followers, people won’t want to follow you or even talk to you. If other people don’t care about you, why should I?

Think about it like this, when you first use Twitter, what’s the first thing you do? You follow big accounts, right? That’s exactly what everyone else does as well!
People won’t follow you if you don’t already have a big following (10k+), this is why big accounts grow so much faster than you.

Big accounts are the ones that get the most attention and meet the most people. They are respected by everyone because of how many followers they have. That is why big accounts get more clients and make more money. If you don’t have a lot of followers, these big accounts will steal the customers from you which will slowly kill your business.

3.) Not having followers hurts your bank account

How? Before someone buys from you they look at your followers.

Think about it, when did you buy a course/product from an account that had 2,000 followers? Never! right?

Now think about all the courses you have bought so far, you will notice every course you bought was from someone who has a lot of followers!

Are you starting to see the light? It’s just human nature for people to only buy from accounts that have 10k+ followers. Having a lot of followers is a part of marketing and social proof.

4.) Networking

This is the biggest pain of not having followers. The reason why other guys make more money than you so much easier is because they have the network.

Here’s the painful truth, you are judged by your followers more than your knowledge and skills. You can be a millionaire and still struggle to network just because you don’t have a lot of followers (crazy! I know…), I’ve seen this happen to two different guys on Twitter (out of respect I will not mention them).

I’m going to take a guess that you don’t get DM’s everyday right? And I’m sure that you also don’t have 100k followers right?

How do I know this? Because only big accounts have the power to get DM’s everyday from successful people. It’s sad but people are shallow! Being intelligent and successful isn’t enough to succeed on Twitter. Understand this: You are judged by your followers!

Here’s another problem you will have. When you send a DM to someone they will look at your followers & likes before deciding whether they should ignore you or not. This is why people treat you like an invisible doormat, without followers you are a nobody.

Think about it…if someone with 100k followers sent you a DM, would you ignore them? Of course not lol. You will reply to them in a very friendly way. Right? Lol

This is how people are, they won’t jump to work with you or buy your products unless you have a big Twitter account with at least 10k, 20k, 50k followers. This hurts because it stops you from making the money you deserve. A dumb person that doesn’t even have half your skills, will be able to network and become more successful than you just because he has a big Twitter account.


When your tweets are getting 10 likes and 2 replies, it makes people think your business is cheap and boring, People will start to unfollow you and even worse, no one will buy from you.

Since you have a small number of followers, people will ignore you. Your DM’s will be left unread, which means no clients. No clients = No money. Your business will slowly die, and you will be alone watching everyone else become more successful than you.

This might hurt, but I am going to be honest with you,

In real life you are judged by how much money you have, On Twitter you are judged by how many followers you have.

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