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You are probably wondering:

  • How to go viral on Twitter?
  • How to get 1000 followers on Twitter for free?
  • Why is my Twitter losing followers?
  • How to get likes on Twitter
  • How to get retweets?
  • What social media handle should I use?
  • How to grow Twitter accounts for free.

We have grown our own account to 300,000+ followers. (400+ new followers every day)

how did it start

I started my Twitter account in February of 2020. My content came from a wisdom book I am writing for my children. That content came from notes taken from books, conferences, podcasts, and TED talks.

It took me three months and tons of content to reach 1,000 followers. I quickly learned that consistency was the key to growing my Twitter account.  In three more months, I had gained 10,000 followers. 

As I documented my Twitter growth journey, accounts of all sizes were reaching out asking me about my approach and how I was gaining followers so quickly.  That’s when I decided to create a step-by-step guide for others to follow.   

Twitter accounts are free

Why Wise Connector?

There are a lot of Twitter “Gurus” that say they can teach you how to grow a Twitter account. So why should you think we are different? Well…
Take a look at our results!

Followers every day

Over 400 NEW potential customers everyday!

Retweets every day
1 k

Over 7,200 people share my content everyday!

Daily Impressions
1 M

Over 1,700,000 people are reached every day!

Impressions per tweet
1 k

Over 92,000 people are reached by just ONE tweet

Followers each month
1 k

Over 13,000 NEW potential customers every month!

Impressions per month
1 M

Over 51,000,000 people are reached every month!

Followers in one year
1 K

I started from the bottom with ZERO followers and built my way up to 73,000 in ONE year!

Followers in 14 months
1 k

0 to 100,000 followers in just 14 months!

Likes every month
1 k

Struggling to get likes? I get over half-a-million likes every month!

countries reached
1 +

Reaching potential customers in over 205 countries all over the world!

Learn to create viral tweets

Growth twitter

We’ve been consistently successful on Twitter for 2 years now, We can help you get retweets and likes for all of your tweets, just like us.

Twitter Followers
Twitter Likes
Twitter Retweets
Twitter Engagement

100k followers on average

sublime Marketing

Our top 7 clients have gotten over 713,000 followers by just following the instructions in our Twitter courses. This has opened doors for them to new business opportunities they did not know were even possible.

Opening doors for clients

New opportunities

We understand the fundamental to a successful business is “eyeballs”. We help clients put their business offers in front of 1,000s of new people every day!

Less expenses

Saving clients $$$!

We believe our clients shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars every month on expensive advertising which is why we show them how to reach millions of people on Twitter for free.

How to go viral on twitter

Client testimonials

Here are common questions people ask us

Do you have any questions?

That’s understandable, which is why we made 2 courses for you at the discounted low price of just $35.99.

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No. This is why most beginners fail. you need to focus on one, and Twitter is the easiest + fastest.

With Instagram and Facebook, you have to pay for ads/promotion. Twitter is the only free non-bullshit platform.

It works for any niche that involves online payments. (Graphic Design, Freelance, Lead Gen, Fitness, e-commerce, dating, mentorships, Affiliate Marketing)

If you already have another business like a TikTok/YouTube channel, Instagram page, or Blog for e.g., Having a Twitter account will grow your audience which makes you more “famous” and gives you the power to sell more stuff and make more money.

What should you do now?

Check out these articles, we made them specifically to help you get started!

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Learn how to grow your Twitter account without follow-for-follow hacks and without having to buy Twitter followers.

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