5 Reasons why business owners should create a Twitter account

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If you don’t have a Twitter account or you are not comfortable using Twitter, you must read this blog post!

Twitter is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get more clients and make more sales.

Here are 5 reasons you should create a Twitter account.

1.) Market Research

Every minute, 350,000 tweets are posted. This shows you how active people are on Twitter. You can use your Twitter account to find out what your prospects want. 

  • What are people looking to buy?
  • What problems are people having?
  • What’s selling on the market right now?
  • What are people saying about your business?
  • What are people saying about your competitors?
  • What’s the latest trends in your niche?
  • What’s the easiest system to get clients?
  • What’s the latest business opportunities?

In order for you to make money, you need to find answers to these questions. You have got to keep up with the latest business trends so you don’t get left behind.

Screenshot: Millionaire web designer Rob from Fox Web School

2.) Quick & Easy Communication

You can use your Twitter account to quickly and easily ask for feedback on anything and get responses from thousands of people in a few minutes.

Thinking of selling a Web Design course? Just tweet the question,

“If I created a Web Design course, would you guys be interested?”

And now people will respond to your tweet, telling you what they think.

“Oh yeah, I’ll buy that! How much?”

And now you know, you can make money selling a web design course.

This is just an example of how fast you can communicate with the market and find out valuable information.

This may sound like something that is “boring” or “useless”, but I’ve been on Twitter for over 2 years and I have noticed big Twitter accounts made a lot of money selling courses by using this technique, it works!

3.) Knowledge

I wanted to save this for last but I didn’t want you to get bored so I’m telling you now lol,

Knowledge is the best part about being on Twitter. Everyday there are rich business owners tweeting advice on how to make money and you are getting access to this for free!

There is a reason teenagers with no education are learning to make money on Twitter and it’s because of all the free information being shared by highly successful people.

And remember, this is twitter so you don’t have to just read what they say, you also have the ability to message them and ask questions if you want.

Again, all of this costs you $0. You just need to grow a Twitter account.

4.) Network

There are millionaires using Twitter everyday. You can reply to their posts to start a friendly conversation and start building relationships with these successful people.

This is how most broke teenagers began meeting successful business owners and eventually got hired by them.

But wait! There’s more,

On Twitter we have something called “DM” which stands for “Direct Message”. This allows you to send someone a private message that no one else will see.

Got a business proposal for someone?
Send them a DM.

Want to outreach to a prospect?
Send them a DM.

Want free advice on something?
Send them a DM!

Insane that is free? huh!

You just have to grow a twitter account.

5.) Customer Support & Feedback

The cool part about DM’s is that it allows you to also get feedback from your customers. If you are selling a course and it gets 100’s of sales, you want feedback right? What if your customers have financial issues or maybe they have questions to ask you before buying your course. Twitter allows your customers to easily contact you and you can help them quicker which will lead to you getting more sales and making more money.

Don’t forget that by using DM’s you can also get testimonials! This is the most underrated part about DM’s.

When you sell a course, someone might DM you saying, “Hey brother, I’ve bought your course and it was amazing value!”

You can now take a screenshot of that DM and keep it as a testimonial. No longer do you have to send emails begging for testimonials and then Being angry waiting days for a reply. With Twitter you can get testimonials on autopilot without even asking or looking for them!


1.) Market Research: Find out what will make people want to pay you $1,000’s of dollars.

2.) Quick & Easy Communication: Ask your customers for feedback and get responses in one day, so you know what moves to make in your business that will produce money.

3.) Knowledge: No need to buy courses. Learn how to make money for free by using Twitter.

4.) Network: Meet rich friends without paying any money to get access to them.

5.) Customer Support & Feedback: Talk to your customers easily and get testimonials/reviews from them without even asking.

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